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Dieting doesn’t work; healthy eating can help you lose weight!

When people think about losing weight, the first solution in their mind is always eating less or so called dieting. Many people have been dieting again and again trying to lose weight. Some of them may just cannot do it and stop after a few days. Some managed to struggle through and lose some weight, but sadly after they stopped dieting, they gain the weight back and put even more weight on. The more times they go dieting, the more weight they put back on and the harder to lose again.

The truth is; if you go on a strict low calorie die, your body will perceive that you are in a famine. In order to survive in the “famine”, your body will go into a starvation mode and slow down your metabolism. Even if you lose some weight, it will be mainly muscle and water, not fat. Research shows each time you go on a diet, your metabolism can lower as much as 15%. So when they start eating the same as before, the body cannot burn the same amount of calories as before, the extra calories will turn into fat. The fat percentage will be higher when they gain their weight back.

The program we have in Janice Wellness Clinic is about” eating right”. We call it “low glycemic impact eating”. You don’t need to restrict calories and you don’t need to count how many calories you take. During the program, you will learn how to choose the right food, how to prepare the food according to your daily schedule and preference. You will gradually adjust to the new healthy yet still enjoyable way of eating and food choices. This is a life time benefit for you and your family especially if you are a wife and mother because you control the food on the table.